December 20th, 2002

We have revised our policies to include a new service that we are offering. Please review them. These changes should not affect current customers in any way.
- New Policies

November 9th, 2002

Hostradius expands its line of services. The new design is just the beginning as we reveal each of our exciting new endeavors. Stay tuned!

HostRadius is pleased to introduce our newest offer - Gift Certificates!
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From beginners to advanced web users, all levels of experience are welcome here at HostRadius. We do our best to make it as easy as possible for domain owners and soon-to-be domain owners get their sites on the web. - more
"Countless hours debating over whether to get a domain or not finally ended three months ago. HostRadius is something to trust in - it's reliable, the people who run it are very friendly, and the deals are amazing. Friends who also have domains and aren't HR customers have problems all the time, and I'm lucky that I never do. HR is my first AND last web hosting company!"
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